Principal Weekly Newsletter (9/16/2017)

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

We had a smooth first day of school last Saturday. Thank you all for your effort and support.

All culture classes will be in session this week.

Please pay attention to below items:

- About Registration
1. Continue registration at school. Parents can turn in registration printout with payment during school hours.
2. For the families who registered Chinese class and made payment last week, please come to office to pick up books.
3. Registration policy is posted online. Please read carefully before withdrawing classes.
4. Refund will be issued including registration fees for all classes cancelled by the school due to low enrollment.

- About Parent Duty
Each parent duty is TWO hours long. If there is no other task going on, the parent on duty should patrol in the hallway to ensure a quiet and safe education environment. If there is any incident (for example, somebody spills water on the floor), please report to school admin team immediately.

- 2017华夏智力运动会将于10/22/17 在桥水分校按期举办,现在开始报名( 报名表 竞赛规则 见附件)

Message from PTA:

Thank you,

Vivian Wang
Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery