Principal Weekly Newsletter (11/02/2017)

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

All classes will be on normal schedule this week.

There will be no school next Saturday (November 11 2017).

Please pay attention to below items:

- About Parent Duty
Each parent duty is TWO hours long. If there is no other task going on, the parent on duty should patrol in the hallway to ensure a quiet and safe education environment. If there is any incident (for example, somebody spills water on the floor), please report to school admin team immediately.

上周侨报刊登的华夏园地由我们学校主办,请看 附件中的电子版。

- 2017“中国寻根之旅”海外华裔青少年冬令营上海营报名, 详情请见链接
感兴趣的家长请联系全美中文学校协会学生工作部负责人: 潘建荣 (

- 杨青舞蹈工作室主办、​ ​华夏中文学校(Montgomery分校)协办的 第五届中华情, 将于11/11晚7 点在Montgomery​ ​Performing Arts​ ​Center​ ​盛大开演。这届中华情包括近两年的精品中国民族舞 和在美国及中国各项大赛中获奖节目。 有经典舞剧《红色娘子军》片段《清华独舞、常青指路》、《白毛女》片段《北风吹、​ ​扎红头 绳》、获美国舞蹈大赛金奖群舞《茉莉花》、​ ​CCTV星光少年大赛的获奖创作双人舞《梁祝》、 独舞《歌剧魅影》;获美国舞蹈大赛大满贯独舞《木兰》、钢琴与舞蹈《红灯记》、少女群舞 《青花韵》、《黎乡笠影》、民族舞《欢乐彝寨》《掀起你的盖头来》、《花儿朵朵》、《红牡 丹》、《高天流云》《一抹红》、古典舞《女儿情​ ​》、专门为本届中华情创作的舞蹈《美,因你在舞》等​ ​。精彩纷呈,欢迎大家携老带小前去观看。爷爷奶奶们将会在观赏中重温自己的青春时光;孩子们将会在观看中发现自己对中华文化的兴趣和所爱。
时间:​ ​November​ ​11,​ ​2017​ ​​ ​Saturday,​ ​7:00PM
地点:​ ​​ ​​ ​Montgomery​ ​Performing​ ​Arts​ ​Center​ ​(High​ ​School).​ ​1016​ ​Rt​ ​601,​ ​Skillman,​ ​NJ​ ​08558
演出门票在我们中文学校出售。所有在学校提前购票者,均可享受优惠票价:$10 每张。欢迎大家前来购票.

- Montgomery School District superintendent Nancy Gartenberg will come to talk to our parents along with other BOE members on December 2, 2017. Stay tuned for more information.

- Please see attached information for United Way donation. If you happen to donate via your company to United Way, please support us. Your support is greatly appreciated!

- If you want to purchase anything from, you can use "amazonsmile" instead. It's same Amazon company, you pay same price, and amazonsmile will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery. Below is how to access amazonsmile:
From our school web site click amazonsmile icon from right side of the web page, the amazonsmile for HXCSMG is launched in a new tab, you place your order as usual, very simple. Thanks for your support to HXCSMG!

Thank you,

Vivian Wang
Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery


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