Principal Weekly Newsletter (11/17/2017)

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

All classes will be on normal schedule this week.

- 各位一二三年级的学生家长,2017-18年【朗诵演讲比赛】现在开始报名!具体 通知、 报名表、 评分规则, 请见附件。报名表可以email给广媛(,或者直接交到学校办公室。本校预赛暂定12月2日周六下午第三节课开始。报名截止日期为11月27日。请家长们多多鼓励孩子报名参与!同时,学校在预赛中需要招募一些家长志愿者作为服务人员,先到先得。谢谢大家的合作!

- 学校定于本周六 11月18日下午在中文学校 B214教室,举行第一次家长代表会议,大约15分钟,主要交流一下近期中文学校的一些活动安排,希望各位家长代表尽量安排时间参加。

- For those parents who are waiting for the refund check, the refund check is ready for you to pick up this Saturday. Please stop by the office. Thank you for your patience.

- Montgomery School District superintendent Nancy Gartenberg will come to talk to our parents along with other BOE members on December 2, 2017. Stay tuned for more information.

Please pay attention to below items:

- About Parent Duty
Each parent duty is TWO hours long. If there is no other task going on, the parent on duty should patrol in the hallway to ensure a quiet and safe education environment. If there is any incident (for example, somebody spills water on the floor), please report to school admin team immediately.

- Please see attached information for United Way donation. If you happen to donate via your company to United Way, please support us. Your support is greatly appreciated!

- If you want to purchase anything from, you can use "amazonsmile" instead. It's same Amazon company, you pay same price, and amazonsmile will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery. Below is how to access amazonsmile:
From our school web site click amazonsmile icon from right side of the web page, the amazonsmile for HXCSMG is launched in a new tab, you place your order as usual, very simple. Thanks for your support to HXCSMG!

Thank you,

Vivian Wang
Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery


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