Principal Weekly Newsletter (2/22/2018)

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

All classes will be on normal schedule this week.

1月27日在华夏文化节上各个班级的学生们制作的有关春节的展板,现在正在Montgomery Mary Jacob Library 一楼的会议室展出。请各位家长带着孩子并邀请朋友们一起参观欣赏。



2018全美中文学校协会和2018年“中国寻根之旅”海外华裔青少年夏令营开始预报名。有意报名的家长请尽快决定,报名以先后顺序录取。2018夏令营申请有关参考文件(2018CSAUS夏令营申请步骤简介, 2018夏令营申请常见问题解答)见协会网站 .
夏令营要求营员必须是12到18周岁,北京优秀夏令营营员必须是16到21周岁。年龄计算以2018年8月1日为准. 营员必须身体健康,有一定中文基础且有较强生活自理能力的海外华裔青少年。华夏是协会会员,我校学生报名费为$90/每人。

Please pay attention to below items:

- About Parent Duty
Each parent duty is TWO hours long. If there is no other task going on, the parent on duty should patrol in the hallway to ensure a quiet and safe education environment. If there is any incident (for example, somebody spills water on the floor), please report to school admin team immediately.

- If you happen to donate via your company to United Way, please support us. Your support is greatly appreciated!
Our tax id: 20-3680518
United Way Agency Code:037086
Name: Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery
Address: P.O.Box 266, Belle Mead NJ 08502

- If you want to purchase anything from, you can use "amazonsmile" instead. It's same Amazon company, you pay same price, and amazonsmile will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery. Below is how to access amazonsmile:
From our school web site click amazonsmile icon from right side of the web page, the amazonsmile for HXCSMG is launched in a new tab, you place your order as usual, very simple. After first time setup, you can go to going forward. Thanks for your support to HXCSMG!

Thank you,

Vivian Wang
Huaxia Chinese School at Montgomery


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